ICR offer software packages to suit every business from our partner at ICRTouch. ICR have both front end point of sale software and also be accompanied by back office suites to manage stock control and reporting. ICR also offer bespoke bolt on’s and Third party links to fully integrate the new system into your business.

The Front-End Point of Sale

We understand how important it is to keep everything running smoothly. A TouchPoint till system easily handles all your requirements: scanning items, totalling the sale, juggling cash and cards.

The till system can be adapted to your business: from a single touch screen cash register in a small shop to a multi-site business operating many tills.

TouchPoint is simple to use and requires minimal training. New and part-time staff can quickly work a TouchPoint touch screen till with confidence, saving you time and maximising sales.

Rely on TouchPoint to ask the right questions at the right time so you know sales opportunities aren’t being missed. When an item is scanned TouchPoint prompts staff to talk about offers and deals.

Cloud Backoffice Software


TouchOffice Web view your business anywhere…

TouchOffice Web is the complete EPoS system solution and indispensable tool for any size of business, from a single till, to 10 tills in three branches, to 10,000 tills in 3000 branches.TouchOfficeScreenshot

TouchOffice Web allows you to remotely view live sales. Plus, it’s not all about the now. TouchOffice Web can access and show historic data too.

In-depth analysis with TouchOffice Web…

  • TouchOffice Web quickly identifies trends and patterns.
  • TouchOffice Web gives you instant access to specific real-time sales data. All data is pushed into attractive graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends or patterns.
  • Extract financial reports at the click of a button. Export them into PDF and Excel CSV instantly.

Plan & Pay on TouchOffice Web​…

  • Stay in control of stock with TouchOffice Web’s stock control system.
  • Frees you from admin.
  • Manage staff easily with TouchOffice Web and you’ll know your business is as cost effective as it can be.
  • View Time & Attendance.
  • Drawing information from ICRTouch’s tested and proven TouchPoint till system, TouchOffice Web tells you which employees are working and how they’ve performed, hour on hour.

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